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Cover- Issue-137

Inside issue 137 (April - May 2019)

This issue welcomes back respected authors with key contributions. Max Cryer gives an account of two of New Zealands esteemed female opera singers, Hugh Hickman discusses the telephone party line, Malcolm Smith remembers growing up in an outlying district of Christchurch and Bruce Collins has contributed an episode of maritime history. This fine array of material highlights the diversity being offered for publication and we are grateful for the continued flow of new stories offered for publication.

School lunches will bring back memories, although perhaps not as dramatic as Bev Woods encounter in her entertaining article. For me, lunch was a simple affair: a single sandwich made from the bread delivered by the bread man on weekday mornings (marmite and chips was my favourite filling), a piece of fruit and a sweet biscuit or small cake. I baked the Betty Boop slice recipe mentioned in the text and is typical of the quick and easy sweet fare printed in community fundraising efforts such as the Country Womens Institute cookbooks.

The Saturday Matinee is a subject that pops up periodically. Alan Turley gives his account of going to the pictures in Nelson and the various clubs associated with the childrens matinee. Often the highlight of the weekend for mid-twentieth century children, many will have their own stories to tell of regular boisterous outings to the local theatre mine was to the Delta in the Aucklands suburb of New Lynn.

Enjoy this latest issue .


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