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New Zealand Memories Issue 96


Nature’s Pantry: How Our Predecessors Dined 4

Hugh Hickman takes us on a food timeline

The Photograph 12

Memories of a Remuera childhood by Beverley Newton

Rainbow Records 16

Iain Sharp discusses an item in the exhibition ‘Protest - a Cry for Freedom’

A Spectacular Gorge 18

An article by James Fagan on the Manawatu Gorge

From the Regions: Canterbury 22

Railway Station Toilets 31

An amusing anecdote from Ivan Taylor

Illustrating Your Family History With Postcards 32

With a glimpse into Bruce Isted’s own family history research

Centrefold: Farewell Port Nelson 36

New Zealand Troops Invade Sydney, 1938 38

An account by John Stackhouse

Hitler’s Bout with a Patea Boxer 44

Boxer Clarrie Gordon is profiled by Cameron Curd

Night Ride 46

A tale of dedication by Rex Ridgway

Going for Gold 48

Miles Dillon honours 1912 Olympic Games competitors

From the Regions: Wellington / Wairarapa 52

A Fresh Promotion 62

An unusual advertising campaign from the 1930s

Reader’s Response 64

Class of ’51

Mailbox 66

New To Print 68

Index and Genealogy List 70

Editor’s Choice 72

Waste not, Want not

Cover image: Clarrie Gordon poses before his Olympic

fight with Åke Karlsson of Finland.



<p><strong>Index Issue 96</strong></p>


<p>advertising 62</p>

<p>aerial cage 19</p>

<p>agriculture (pre-European) 8</p>

<p>AITKEN Billy 45</p>

<p>alcohol 56</p>

<p>Anzac 1, 38</p>

<p>Anzac Day 39</p>

<p>Ashhurst 19</p>

<p>Australasian Assn. 49</p>

<p>Australia 39</p>

<p>Avon Bike Race 24</p>

<p><strong>B </strong></p>

<p>Balance 21</p>

<p>Banks Peninsula 22</p>

<p>BARRINGTON Ernie 25</p>

<p>bartering 8</p>

<p>BAXTER James K. 64</p>

<p>berries 6</p>

<p>bicycle 46</p>

<p>birdlife (food source) 6</p>

<p>BOSWELL Don 64</p>

<p>bottle gourd 6</p>

<p>boxing 44</p>

<p>Bridge of Remembrance 24</p>

<p>bridle track 18</p>

<p>BROOKES Norman 51</p>

<p>buckey (bark) 7</p>

<p>BURNS Tommy 45</p>

<p>BUTTER Mr. T. 55</p>


<p>Canterbury 22</p>

<p>Canterbury University 48</p>

<p>capping week 24</p>

<p>Caroline Bay 28</p>

<p>Carterton 57</p>

<p>CHAMPION Edna 51</p>

<p>Malcolm 48</p>

<p>Sarah 48</p>

<p>William 48</p>

<p>chewing gum (Kauri) 6</p>

<p>children&rsquo;s games 62</p>

<p>Christchurch 24</p>

<p>Christchurch Training College 46</p>

<p>Christmas dinner 9</p>

<p>cigarette cards 33</p>

<p>Club Hotel (Woodville) 19</p>

<p>CODRINGTON Robert Nenry 10</p>

<p>Conservation Dept. 21</p>

<p>COOK Captain James 8</p>

<p>cookery 8</p>

<p>Crown Studios 32</p>

<p>CRUICKSHANK Ian 45</p>

<p>cycling 46</p>

<p>customs agent 16</p>


<p>D &amp; W Gibbs Ltd 62</p>

<p>dairy farming 9</p>

<p>Davis Cup 49</p>

<p>Dawn Parade 40</p>

<p>de SURVILLE Jean 8</p>

<p>Depression, The 72</p>

<p>derailment 21</p>

<p>diet 8</p>

<p>DUFF Jack 18</p>

<p>Duke of Edinburgh 54</p>


<p>eel trap 4, 7</p>

<p>early settlers 8</p>

<p>European foods 7</p>

<p>Evans Atlas Flour Mill 28</p>


<p>farmers tour 59</p>

<p>farming 8</p>

<p>featherweight boxer 44</p>

<p>fern roots 6</p>

<p>Festival of Empire Sports 49</p>

<p>FIELD Ada 32</p>

<p>Jim 32</p>

<p>Ruby 35</p>

<p>fish-hook 7</p>

<p>FISHER Adolf 28</p>

<p>fishing 7</p>

<p>fishing nets 7</p>

<p>fishing weir 7</p>

<p>flax basket 7</p>

<p>flax sandles 7</p>

<p>floats 24</p>

<p>flooding (Ashhurst) 20</p>

<p>flourmills 8</p>

<p>flute (wooden) 7</p>

<p>food 4</p>

<p>Frank Duncan &amp; Co. Ltd 34</p>

<p>FRENCH George Angas 7</p>

<p><strong>G </strong></p>

<p>Gallipoli 39</p>

<p>games 62</p>

<p>Gear Meat Works 54</p>

<p>gold medal (Olympics) 48</p>

<p>GORDON Clarence Edward 44</p>

<p>Viv 45</p>

<p>Government Buildings 52</p>

<p>Greenpeace 17</p>

<p>GRIFFIN Jim 45</p>

<p>GUIDE RANGI 61</p>


<p>hangi 7</p>

<p>HARDING William James 9</p>

<p>HEAD Craig 21</p>

<p>HEBLEY Gary 25</p>

<p>Helen Connon Hall 24</p>

<p>HITLER Adolf 44</p>

<p>HOBHOUSE Bishop 10</p>

<p>Hobson Street (Tepid) Baths 51</p>

<p>HOSKING Fireman 21</p>

<p>House of Representatives 52</p>

<p>HOYTE John Barr Clark 4</p>

<p>HURT Theodore 22</p>


<p>immigration 8</p>

<p><strong>J </strong></p>

<p>Jamieson Belt 44</p>


<p>Kaeo 11</p>

<p>Kaikoura 23</p>

<p>Karitane Hospital 22</p>

<p>Kerikeri Mission House 10</p>

<p>KITTS Frank 54</p>

<p>Ko 7</p>

<p>kumara 6</p>

<p>Kupenga 7</p>


<p>Lake Aviemore 30</p>

<p>Lake Benmore 30</p>

<p>Lake Horowhenua 4</p>

<p>Lincoln College 24</p>

<p>liquor licence 56</p>

<p>logbook (ship) 17</p>

<p>LOVELOCK Jack 44</p>

<p>Lower Hutt 55</p>

<p>LYON Gerald 43</p>

<p><strong>M </strong></p>

<p>MacNEICE Louis 64</p>

<p>Main Trunk railway 23</p>

<p>Manawatu Gorge 18</p>

<p>Maori agriculture 8</p>

<p>Maori Land March 53</p>

<p>Martinborough 57</p>

<p>Martinborough Hotel 57</p>

<p>Martinborough Post Office 57</p>

<p>Masterton 56</p>

<p>McIntosh Family Hotel 55</p>

<p>Miles Archer &amp; Co. 28</p>

<p>Military Cross 43</p>

<p>mission station 11</p>

<p>moa 6</p>

<p>Mokau 7</p>

<p>Mt. Hobson 15</p>

<p>MULDOON Hon. R.B. 53</p>


<p>N.Z. Expeditionary Force 39</p>

<p>Napier coach 20</p>

<p>native plants 6</p>

<p>Nelson 10</p>

<p>New Zealand Co. 8</p>

<p>Norfolk Island 48</p>

<p>NZ Artillery 43</p>


<p>Olympic Games(1912) 48</p>

<p>Olympic Games(1936) 44</p>

<p>Opawa 48</p>

<p>orchards 8</p>

<p>outdoor games 15</p>

<p><strong>P </strong></p>

<p>Paekakariki 60</p>

<p>Paekakariki Railway Station 60</p>

<p>Palmerston North 46</p>

<p>Parliament 52</p>

<p>pataka 7</p>

<p>Patea 44</p>

<p>PEREIRA Fernando 17</p>

<p>pestle 7</p>

<p>PETERSON Laurie 45</p>

<p>Petone 54, 64</p>

<p>PHILLIPS Capt. 39</p>

<p>Picton 43</p>

<p>Pigeon Bay 22</p>

<p>pigs 8</p>

<p>Piha Beach 17</p>

<p>politics 24</p>

<p>Polynesians 6</p>

<p>Port Nelson 36</p>

<p>Port Nicholson Silver Band 39</p>

<p>postcards 32</p>

<p>post box 31</p>

<p>post office 31</p>

<p>Pouketouto 7</p>

<p>pre-European foods 7</p>

<p>preserving 7</p>

<p>Prince Philip 54</p>

<p>prohibition 56</p>

<p>protest (greenpeace) 17</p>

<p>Pungarehu 9</p>

<p>punt 20</p>

<p>puzzle 62</p>



<p>rail tour 59</p>

<p>railway 18, 23, 29, 31</p>

<p>Railways Dept. 28</p>

<p>Remuera 12</p>

<p>Rolleston House 24</p>

<p>ROSS George 19</p>

<p>Royal Hotel (Timaru) 27</p>

<p>Royal Marines 51</p>

<p>royal tour 54</p>

<p>Ruahine ranges 18</p>


<p>safes (food storage) 7</p>

<p>seafood 6</p>

<p>seaweed 9</p>

<p>service car 23</p>

<p>sewing 72</p>

<p>sheep farming 9</p>

<p>shipboard food 8</p>

<p>shipping <em>Awatea </em>40</p>

<p><em>Envy </em>48</p>

<p><em>Maori </em>60</p>

<p><em>Matangi </em>36</p>

<p><em>Maunganui </em>39</p>

<p><em>Monowai </em>39</p>

<p><em>Rainbow Warrior </em>17</p>

<p><em>Sir William Hardy </em>17</p>

<p><em>Strathallan </em>27</p>

<p><em>Wahine </em>60</p>

<p>shipping (Port Nelson) 36</p>

<p>Silverstream 55</p>

<p>Silverstream Butchery 55</p>

<p>SMITH Cyril 45</p>

<p>South Canterbury 26</p>

<p>South Taranaki 45</p>

<p>sportsmen 45</p>

<p>St. Heliers Bay 48</p>

<p>STOCK Al 45</p>

<p>Stockholm Olympic Games 48</p>

<p>Stone Store 10</p>

<p>storage pits 7</p>

<p>stoves 9</p>

<p>sweet potato 6</p>

<p>sweetners (food) 6</p>

<p>swimming 48</p>

<p>Sydney 1, 38</p>

<p>Sydney Harbour Bridge 40</p>


<p>Tararua ranges 18</p>

<p>taro 6</p>

<p>te Apiti 18</p>

<p>tennis 48</p>

<p>The Ivory Castle Game 62</p>

<p>THOMPSON Steve 24</p>

<p>Timaru 26</p>

<p>Timaru Borough Council 28</p>

<p>toilets 31</p>

<p>toll-gate 19</p>

<p>tools (metal) 8</p>

<p>tools (wooden) 7</p>

<p>toothpaste 62</p>

<p>trade cards 33</p>

<p>trademen&rsquo;s cards 33</p>

<p>trading posts 9</p>

<p>turepo tree 9</p>

<p>TURNER Nathaniel 11</p>

<p>tutu juice 6</p>

<p><strong>U </strong></p>

<p>University Haka Party 24</p>

<p>Upper Hutt 55</p>

<p>Upper Manawatu Gorge bridge 19</p>

<p><strong>V </strong></p>

<p>vegetables 8</p>

<p><strong>W </strong></p>

<p>Wairarapa 55</p>

<p>Waitaki 30</p>

<p>Waitaki dam 30</p>

<p>Waitara 46</p>

<p>Waitemata Swimming Club 49</p>

<p>waiting room (railway) 31</p>

<p>WAKEFIELD Mr E.J. 8</p>

<p>Wanganui 34</p>

<p>Wanganui 46</p>

<p>war veterans 39</p>

<p>Wellington 52</p>

<p>Wellington Swimming Club 48</p>

<p>Wellington Teachers&rsquo;</p>

<p>Training College 64</p>

<p>Wesleydale Mission Station 11</p>

<p>whalers 9</p>

<p>Whalley &amp; Co. 32</p>

<p>Whanganui River 9</p>

<p>whare 4</p>

<p>WIGHTON Pat 24</p>

<p>WILDING Julia 48</p>

<p>Anthony 48</p>

<p>Frederick 48</p>

<p>WILLIAMS William 55</p>

<p>WILSON Mr. J. 24</p>

<p>Wimbledon 49</p>

<p>Woodville 19</p>

<p>Woodville Lions Club 21</p>

<p>Worcester Street Bridge 24</p>

<p>WWI 39, 51</p>




<p>zoning map (Timaru) 26</p>


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